There were a great number of factories mostly in the north of Portugal producing linen, cotton and wool fabrics but many of them have closed because of the recent economical crises. Teias de Lona is a new company who saved one of the old factories to produce traditional fabric again using its original machines. They make 100% cotton traditional canvas fabrics which is made with untreated virgin raw yarn with strong torque. They restored the old machines called "Picanõl" (traditional looms) and they still produce durable and super quality fabrics.  

Teias de Lona

traditional canvas fabric / 100% cotton/ restoration of ancient looms

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FEP -How did the company start?
Ms. Fernandes -The company began with a dream of recovering the old looms, that worked previously in the facility whose owner had left due to his old age. Then they were  purchased and recovered by the company Teias de Lona, where they are found today.

-Can you tell me a little bit about the story of the company?
-The Teias de Lona is a young company, initially focused on the internal market, but due to the great interest in this type of product returned to the external market focused  mainly on European market and now starting to other continents.

-What do you think the unique character of your 100% cotton canvas facbric?
-The Canvas is renowned for its robustness and resistance, and may have an appealing design with many variants, chambrays, stripes in dyed yarn, smooth, conventional and digital etc.

-In old times, what was the canvas fabric used for traditionally?
-Traditionally the Canvas was used on the sails of boats, beach stalls, tents, bags for military equipment among others.

-Where do the raw materials for the cotton come from?
-The raw materials come from several countries such as Turkey and India etc.

-What are good things about traditional method of making the canvas fabrics?
-The manufacture of traditional canvas is carried out by means of wires with a strong twist, which makes it extremely resistant and durable. The old looms picañol has the particularity to produce perfect edges on canvas, even allowing their personalization. Not being a mass production, the traditional manufacturing also allows lower minimum quantity than the current methods of manufacture.

-What is your inspiration for the designs?
-The inspiration for part of our standard products is coming from the design and colors used in the original manufactures (middle of the last century), adding some touches of timeliness and modernity with the personal input of some technicians from the company itself. Also we try to keep up with new trends in decor, following trends of various creators.

-What is most popular item?
-Canvas for beach chairs and shopping bags.

-What do you like about Portugal?
-The friendly people, the mild climate, landscapes and magnificent history.

-What do you like about Braga city?
-The history of many centuries, monuments, landscape and the gastronomy.

Ms. Conceição Fernandes is the sales manager of the company and she told us many interesting stories and showed us the products and even inside the factory too. I wanted to know as much as I could about the old factory and the people who saved it and she kindly answered all my questions.

They have added a couple of new looms to produce lighter fabric which gives another line of the market such as dining, living decor and fashion accessaries.

They are only 8 people working in the company but they are all determined to produce high quality products and maintain the traditional method of "lona" 100% cotton fabrics.