Available fabric weights: 150gm・210gm・240gm・260gm・310gm・330gm・410gm・420gm・470gm・485gm・500gm

Available fabric width: 40cm - 185cm 

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Original products such as Cushion, Deck Chair, Shopping Bag, Lamp Shade can be made with their fabrics or your own designed fabrics.

Tafetá 210

Sarja 215

Lona 330

Lona 410

Lona 420

Lona 470

Lona 485

Lona 500

Teias de Lona

traditional canvas fabric / 100% cotton

Tinto em Peça 310

Lona 235

Lona 240

Lona 260

Panamá 275

Chambray 310

Lona 310

Teias de Lona has saved an old factory and maintained the original looms to produce the traditional canvas fabrics.    Their canvases are durable and high resistance, thus the quality is superb.

Here are only a part of samples of their original canvas fabrics.

They make the fabrics in different thickness/weights and you can customise and personalise fabric with your own design.