Bordallo Pinheiro

Traditional Art of Ceramics / naturalism / Unique Portuguses / notable quality / Centuries-old manufacturing technique

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Bordalo Pinheiro made a lot of pieces with animals such as mouse, cat, sheep, sneil, lizard and many more. Among all, frog has the biggest collection and it's used on the brand logo too. The animals have uniqueness and some of them are realistic but they are very adorable.

FEP -Do you use any machines, tools, kilns which are original from the old time?
Mr. Vítor Pires -No, everything is different, but the final work is identical.

-What is a significant change in the factory and the production between 1884 and present? 
-The Machinery, Kilns.

-And what remains the same?
- Hand painting work.

-What is your favourite piece of Bordallo Pinheiro? 

-What is the most popular item?
-The Cabbage collection.

​-What do you like about Caldas da Rainha? 
-It's a quiet place and I like the hospitality. 

-What do you like about Portugal? 
-People, sun, countryside, food, history and monuments.

​ -What is your favourite Portuguese dish? 
-Cozido à Portuguesa. 
Mr. Victor Pires who works in the export department, showed me around their huge factory and kindly answered my questions.
The company was started with 40 to 50 people in 1884. Now, there are around 160 people working at the factory and the office.
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro was born in Lisbon, into a large family of distinguished artists. He made his theater debut when he was fourteen years old, yet decided to become a graphic artist and published his first album, 'O Calcanhar d'Achilles', in 1870. It was a collection of caricatures of literary celebrities. He continued his artist activities even after he started a ceramic factory at Caldas da Rainha, In 1884.
Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro was founded in 1884 with a view to revitalising the traditional arts of ceramics and clay, blending them with the modernity of various styles which are geared towards the future, but, above all, with the originality of their creator, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro.  Bordallo paid attention to all the details in the construction of his largest project: from the choice of the site, the lush framework where springs burst forth and with two clay-pits, to the construction of the primary school for the workers’ children in the factory space on the grass.  Continuing to use a ge part of centuries-old techniques in the reproduction of the models, Faianças Bordallo Pinheiro is continuing to recover an irreplaceable legacy. Concurrently, and driven on by the same pioneering spirit, it is an innovative company, creating products of a contemporary nature and reinforcing its prestige on the various markets in which it is present.