Here is for more information about the maker, Bordallo Pinheiro.

Swallow series.  Since Bordallo Pinheiro started making swallow's object in ceramic, people started to decorate their houses with them, and now it has been a seasonal symbol of the country.

Strawberries series. Great bright colours.

Cabbage series. The most popular collection.

Melon series. Great colours.

Pinecone series. This symbol is often used in architecture in Portugal.

Pitchers series. There are many more with different animals turned into a pitcher.

Teapots series. Each one shows the characteristic figure of the different social classes. Its one of Bordallo Pinheiro's creative collections designed with his social criticism.

Cheese tray series. The charming mice are waiting for you to place cheese on the plate.

There are variety of great series in the Bordallo Pinheiro's ceramic products. Especially those with animal or nature themes are significantly unique and each one have a surprising humor that Bordallo Pinheiro has succeeded to deliver. His design is charismatic and it has been loved by people for so many years. It could be a plate for your dinning table, or a flower vase for the home decor, you will find something which makes you smile.

Bordallo Pinheiro

Traditional Art of Ceramics /  naturalism / notable quality / Centuries-old manufacturing technique

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Animal head series. This one is a palm size.