Squared Notepad has 48 detachable squared pages with 75-hole perforation.
400 squares on each page.

Dimensiona:14,2 x 21 cm

  I appreciate the high quality of the design which doesn't speak very loud but you can feel the sophistication and  cleverness. 

They are eye-catching and a lot of fun!! I just like them so much :)

Romanceiro Tradicional (Traditional Romantic Person) / Tra-los-Montes (it's a name of an area) / Minho (Minho area in the north of Portugal)

Portugal a Cores ( Portugal in Full Colour) /  Finlandia ( Finland) / Nouveau Dictionnaire de Français (New dictionary of French)

Three spot-colour offset print on Munken Lynx 150g paper.
Dimensions: 69 x 69 cm square

Crate Serrote was conceived and designed to be enjoyed outdoors under a blue sky or a starry sky.
Communication systems, cutting tools, office supplies, woodwinds, or distinctive badges of skilled handwashing clothes staff can be found in this survival kit to be used in the wild or in the concrete jungle.

The Sky Chart is an interpretive map of the night sky, where you can find the constellations and major stars visible from the Northern Hemisphere, throughout the year.

Celestial notepad is an attempt to recreate the colors of a blue sky, in all its hues.

Dimensions: 15,1 x 21,8 cm

For those who like to watch the movement of the stars and draw lines in the sky.

For those who are fond of biscuits, and never refuse an arrowroot cookie with the afternoon tea.

The Blue & White Soap notebook was created for those who like to handwash clothes and dry them in the breeze and sunny weather.

Stadium Notebook is dedicated to the national sport: the football manager seated in his sofa.

3D notebook!

​80 pages alternated between green and salmon paper (80gr/m2)

Serrote selected 7 selected masterpieces of literature from the 20th century,
whose pages were detached and inserted in this notebook,
interleaved with an assorted selection of papers.
Each notebook is therefore a unique piece! 

Limited to only 500!

Bookblock: tablecloth paper 60gr/m2; 80 pages

Letterpress, good food and the luxury of a paper tablecloth, were united again to result in a new Tablecloth Notebook.

During international economical crisis, the first commandment is to have the household accounts spotlessly organized.

Influenced by our grandmothers tableware (particularly the "horse pattern")

All notebooks are 17cm x 11,5 cm . Cover: 240gr. Inside pages: paper 80gr; 80 pages.

Please contact us on info@feitoemportugal.com for any query about products

Here is for more information about the maker, Serrote.

...AND they have published some books too.

It's not only notebooks that Serrote makes! They also have made very interesting and charming products.

If you have an idea of creating your own notebook, they can collaborate with you and produce notebooks for you.

Some of their past collaboration works are shown here.

Their design is very simple and clean but so charming. Their products show you the greatness of the reunion of old and new, and the notebooks will tell you how much dedication and affection has been put into by the makers. 


 notebooks / stationery / old typography technique / collaboration with old printery