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Margarida's ceramics

Originality /Subtle shapes & colours / Design for user

Many dicisions are made on shapes, designs and colours and when all that come together, it is like a magic. And of course,  a final judgement can be done by only Margarida’s senses.  

These pieces are what only she can create.

Enjoy the beautiful world of Margarida Fabrica.

Coffee cup & saucer 


Speckled pieces, glazed porcelain with speckled oxides.

Rectangular plate for different utilities: plate, soap dish, godet.

Butter dishes: french butter dish (Ø 7,5cm / h 4cm, container measurement) and classical butter dish (10cm / 6cm / h 8cm, inside measurement)

DOSE: Can be used as a plate for the main meal, or simply as a plate/tray.

I think it is a wonderful thing to know who made a plate or a bowl you are using. A number of efforts and decisions are made through the making process and you can appreciate it directly by using it or just ownig it. 

The ceramist, Margarida M. Fernandes is a comitted, passionate and perfectionist as an artist and yet, she is kind, modest and bearutiful person.

These porcelain table wares reflects both of her personality and professional dedication. Her work is natural and organic but gives you,  as a user, a feeling of satisfaction as well. 

Tea cup with cork handle, produce for Copenhagen Coffee Lab. Lisbon.

Group of pieces, porcelain with cobalt blue.

Monogram, motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol.

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Set of bowls  (Ø 8cm / h 4,5cm)