People come from everywhere in Europe but especially popular for Spanish people.

choosing a horse very carefully...!? This event warehouse was full of people at all the time.

The best pure-blood horses are created in Golegã and there are sold to various places in the world and this has become the most important Equestrian event and the largest commercial warehouse of Thoroughbred Lusitano recognized worldwide.

The second one is  "Feira Internacional do Cavalo Lusitano" dedicated to the Lusitano horse.

Lusitano Horse is a Portuguese horse breed. The origin of the breed has been present since 20,000 BC and when Muslim invaded in Iberia in 711AD they were crossed with Barb horse developing a horse that became useful for war, dressage and bull fighting.

The Golegã village holds two major fairs every November.

The first one is the "Feira Nacional do Cavalo" (National Horse fair) which is originally started as Fair of Saint Martin in 1571in Golegã and it's to celebrate the fertility of the land, the abundance of the pastures and the beauty of its rural landscapes. People eat a lot of chestnuts and enjoy new wines :)

Horses here and more horses there... you can see the entire village is designed for people to live with the animals. The village bas born in the 15th century and Golegã is also know as a place of the traditional Portuguese architecture too.

Entering into the village through a big arch, you start seeing horses everywhere. Golegã village is situated in the heart of Portugal between the Tagus and the Almonda rivers and it has been the site for the gathering of breeders since the 18th century. 


-Capital of Horses-