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Waste Bin
Faplana makes a wide range of bins and containers which are functional, simple or with waste separation system.
Stir, Mix and Taste
Resistant and safe.
New Colours
Melamine tablewares in new colours!


Faplana's trays are available in various sizes, with and without handles to meet different needs.


Preparing and serving


​solid quality plastic products / timeless design /colour specialist 

For the table and Picnic
Dinner plate, soup plate, tumbler, mug and jar
TImeless Design
Tumbler and Mug
On the Breakfast Table
Butter dish and sugar bowl. Always practical and very useful.

Citrus Squeezer
Kitchen Spoons
Functional, robust and resistant to heat up to 225℃
PBT reinforced with fibres

Faplana produces a great range of plastic products from tablewares and kitchen utencils to recycle bins and garden/agriculture. Among all, the Malemine plastic items are their worldwide famous pieces. They are solid quality and simple but charmingly classic designs. The colours they create are wonderfully bright and eye-catching. They will surely help brighten your kitchen and dining table.

What you see here is only a part of they products line. If you would like to see more, please contact us. 


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Water Cans
Available with different capacities from 1.5L to 10.5L
Bread Basket
A must-have at Portuguese cousin
Multi-Purpose Basket
Very practical and easy to carry
At the Table
Faplana's Platters are available in oval and round shapes of different sizes
Dust Pan
Classic Design
Organizing & Storing
Available different shapes and sizes

Peel, Cut and Chop
Easy and convenient for cutting. Antibacterial additive added to increase safete.