FEP- What did you study at Central St. Martin College in London?
Benedita Feijó- I studied Graphic Design.

-What did you do in Portugal before going to UK?
-I was a student.

-How and when did you start selling your work?
-Little more than 4 or 5 years ago.

-Who makes your products? 
-Everything is made in Portugal. The stationery is made in Porto using a traditional typography, and the fabric is made in Barcelos using a digital print.

-Do you have anyone helping you on the project?
-Yes, my husband, Michael, does sometimes.

-What is your inspiration for your works?
-The life.

-What do you think is the unique character about your illustration?
-They are very different and very little to do with reality.

-Do you have an aim/dream of your project?
-Yes. I would like to sell my products all over the world.

-What is most popular item?
-The illustrations that I have been making from several cities of the world.

-Who is your favourite artists?
-I don't have one but I like Basquiat and Frida Kahlo.

-What do you like about Portugal?

-What do you like about Porto city?

-What do you like to do in your time off?
-Now I take care of my 8 months old daughter so there is little time!

-What 's your favourite Portuguese dish?
-Fillets of white fish with bean rice in small taverns of Porto.


Benedita is a busy mother of one small girl but she was kind enough to answer my questions.

My favourite pieces are a series of Portuguese farmers and animals.  The people are wearing the traditional and regional dresses and you still meet people like them in the country side of Portugal where I have actually met many lovely people and animals. Benedita Feijó depicts those charming characters of the country beautifully and I think her drawings show a lot of wonderful Portguese-ness which I like very much.

Here is for more information about her work.

Benedita Feijó studied graphic design in England and she has made a wonderful series of products with her illustrations. I like her illustrations of Portuguese cities, country side and Portuguese traditional people. She uses a wonderful selection of colours on her canvases just like those you see in the Portuguese architecture and old houses. It looks like she put all the good colours of this country together in one piece, and that's how I was attracted by her works.

​Benedita Feijó

Benedita Feijó owner/graphic designer/ illustrator / nature lover/print maker