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FEP -Could you tell us a bit about your design job?
Andrea Sousa -I have worked as a designer for about 5 years at the Creative Agency "Curiosidade", in Lisbon, where I work mainly in Web Design. I studied Multimedia Design so I work in many areas such as Illustration and Graphic Design among others. I really enjoy this creative field and everyday is a new learning day.

-What do you like about crochet? 
-I love the calmness and relaxation I feel when I work in crochet. It's a very detailed work that brings me very happy memories.

-When did you start making crochet?
-I learnt crochet with my grandmother, Aurora, when I was a little girl. Since then, I developed my passion and, despite having stopped a few years, now I'm back!

 -Could you tell us about your grandmather who taught you crochet?

-My grandmother Aurora was the sweetest person I've ever met. Despite her limited physical condition (she couldn't walk), she used to spend her days always with a beautiful smile in her face, doing enormous and complex crochet items. Her house was full of doilies and big towels handmade by her. And she used to do tiny clothes for my dolls as well. I keep to myself very beautiful memories and I miss her so much.

-What are the materials you use?
-I use mainly portuguese cotton yarn. I try to work with environmentally friendly organic cotton as well.

-When did you start selling your piece?
-One year ago.

-What is an inspiration for your design?
-I find my inspiration in the past, where everything had special touch, on soft colors and textures.

-What is most popular item?
-Cat's Crochet Collars.

-What do you think is the most portuguese crocket items? What did people in the past make with crochet traditionally in Portugal?
-I used to see crochet doilies all around the portuguese houses, on all kind of furniture and even on sofas. Big towels, pot holders (or just wall decor pieces) and big bed blankets. I even remember those "kitsch" items as toilet paper hats!

-What do you like about portugal?
-I really love our country. From North to South, but Douro owns my heart. Those landscapes are breathtaking. I love our food, our light, that special light from Tejo River and I love the everyday tranquility. Despite the financial crise that we live in, Portugal is a very peaceful country.

-What do you like about Lisbon?
-As I said before, I love how Tejo River reflects his light over Lisbon. It is a very beautiful city, full of tradition and history. I love the architecture as well. And I like the multiculturalism that lives in it.

-What is your favourite portuguese dish?
-I've been changing my food habits lately, to a more based plant diet. But portuguese food is really amazing and almost irresistable. It's hard to pick just one dish, but maybe I choose "Arroz de Salpicão", a strong rice from the North of Portugal. And, of course, every dish that includes cod!

-What do you like to do in your spare time?
-I love to be at home with good music, my boyfriend, our cats and my neverending projects: crochet, embroidery, illustration, design, drawing and DIY projects. I love to spend some time organizing and taking care of my home and my plants. And I love Sintra, where I spend a lot of my spare time.


Her crochet pieces are so lovely and she has a lovely personality too. I have met many crochet makers but I think her ideas for the designs are wonderful. 

Here is her story.

Not only for cats but she has designed some collars and wrist warmers for you to wear as well. 

Andrea Sousa is a web designer and works in Lisbon, but she has another job that she is more passionate about. Crochet has been a big part of her life and she's started to sell her handmade crochet accessories.

She owns two lovely kitties at home and has designed sweet but classy style of collars for other cat lovers. They are really cute. 

​Andrea Sousa

​"le Carré" owner / urban craft / crochet artist / web designer / cat lover