By Denise

. 10cm x 10cm (green/yellow) . 12cm x 12cm (red hart) . 100% cotton  . Handwash

 . 6cm / laundry bag 20cm  . 100% organic cotton 
. Handwash or machine wash / 30ºC (I recommend washing them in a laundry bag. You can buy them together!)

Perfect for washing your face, their.  The texture offers a gentle exfoliation of the skin and you can re-use it again and again. It scribes dirts off the skin very well :)

. 16cm around the wrist  . 55% acrylic, 45% cotton  . Machine wash at 30°C available in different sizes

 . 100% cotton  . Handwash . Adjustable sizes.

. 36cm/14'' around the neck  . 100% cotton  . Handwash . Available in different sizes.

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Click here for more info about the maker, Andrea Sousa

The most of the yarn she uses is made in Portugal and the natural cotton is her favourite material as they are environmentally friendly.

Andrea Sousa designs and makes crochet accessories for people and cats :) It was her grandmother who taught her how to make crochet and making crochet for her is relaxing and passion as it brings her back some old good memories from her childhood. 

Now she combines her knowledge of digital design and the crochet skill to create wonderful accessary pieces of work. 

​Andrea Sousa

​handmade crochet accessaries /pixel art / ecological materials