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Papar weight
-size: 8x8x8cm
-Pigmented gypsum plaster
-collaboration work with an artist, Iva Viana
-weight: 650gm

Pack of 2 x A6 notebooks
-first notebook in Ivory cream paper
-second notebook in coloured paper  (orange, yellow, blue)
-soft cover: digital printed 300gm paper
-inside paper: 80gm colour paper, 44 pages

-produced by "Pelikan" exclusively for Vira Retro.
-personalised with a 300gm digital printed paper

-produced by "Viarco" exclusively for Vira Retro.
-personalised with a digital printed polymeric vinyl sticker.
-2HB pencil lead

A6 notebook
- soft cover:  digital printed 300gm paper
- inside paper:  ivory cream 80gm paper, 44 pages

A5 notebook
-soft cover:  digital printed 300gm paper
-inside paper: ivory cream 80gm paper, 60 pages

Adriana's beautiful designs are available on notebooks, pencils and rubbers.

Recently she's also made paper weights with a tile's motif.

​Adriana Santos

notebook ・ pencil ・ eraser ・ paperweight